AWS Deep Dive

author: Nathan Acks
date: 2022-08-04

Today I’ll be covering the “Pricing and Support” module from the “AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials” course.

Free Tier

There are ~60 services in AWS with a free tier of some sort.

AWS has three classes of free tier: “Always free” (Lambda up to 1 million calls per month, etc.), 12 months free (EC2, within limits; note that the clock on services in this category starts ticking as soon as you sign up for an AWS account), and free trials of various lengths.

Consolidated Billing

Organizations can include at most 4 accounts by default; adding more requires reaching out to AWS support.

When billing is consolidated within Organizations, bulk usage is also consolidated. This means that discounts can become available for all accounts if the organization’s total usage qualifies. (It’s left unsaid, but the implication here is that free tier quotas will also be consolidated.)

When an organization qualifies for a bulk discount, the benefits of that discount are distributed to the component accounts in proportion to their usage.


AWS budget information updates every 8 hours.

Cost Explorer

This is basically an application that allows billing data to be aggregated and displayed in various ways, as well as compared across time.

Support Plans

Support tiers: Basic, Developer, Business, and Enterprise.

Only Enterprise gets an account manager.

Only Business and Enterprise get full access to all Trusted Advisor checks.