Abandoning My Gemini Ambitions (For Now)

I’ve been pretty stressed these past few months, and in an effort to get my commitments back under control have just completed an absolute massacre of my todo list. One of the victims of this purge is my ambition to create a live mirror of this site on the Gemini Protocol.

I’m mostly making this cut because I haven’t made any forward motion on this project, and doing so is likely to require me to self-host as I’m not aware of any Gemini hosting services that support multiple domains right now. If a service like Netlify, Fleek, or GitHub Pages starts supporting Gemini, then I’ll probably revisit this decision.

For now I don’t think anything’s going to change, since I also don’t really have the head-space to think through refreshing my style and website theme. But I may do this eventually. If I do, I think I’ll probably explicitly avoid rewriting older posts, if just to avoid the sanity hit.